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The Skills We Bring to Publishing from Our Former Professions

Indexers usually become indexers later in life as a second, third, or twelfth career move.  I suspect the same is true of many professionals in the publishing world.  Bringing life and professional experience to the table increases our proficiency and depth of understanding. Learning what professions or experiences other indexers bring to their indexing careers […]

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Professional Organization – Enough Bang for the Buck?

Many industries have professional organizations that represent the field and the interests of those employed in that area.  Indexing is no exception.  The American Society for Indexing (ASI) is the U.S.-based professional organization representing both indexers and the field of indexing as a profession. One of the questions that all professionals must answer for themselves […]

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Mentoring Benefits

It’s nice to know that sometimes our enthusiasm for our field of work is contagious… enough to encourage others to join the profession (the profession in my case is indexing).  I have had several opportunities over the last few years to provide the spark that ignites other people’s interest in being an indexer and to […]

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