Index pricing is based on the density of the text – both the complexity of the material and the number of words per page – as well as the turn-around time and style of index (see the Indexing Styles page for more information).

Typical rates:

Trade book and textbook indexing ranges from $3 to $6 per indexable page.  Scholarly and technical book indexing ranges between $5 to $8 per indexable page.

Pricing options:

Most indexing is priced on a per indexable page rate (an indexable page is a page of the text which is due to be indexed and does not include pages such as the table of contents or section dividers on which there is no indexable material).  Other options for pricing are also possible.  Pricing options include:

  • per indexable page
  • per word of text
  • per hour of labor
  • per index entry
  • per project

Price Quotes:

Christine Hoskin welcomes the opportunity to provide price quotes for upcoming indexing projects.  To request a quote, please provide the following:

  • a sample of the text (a couple of chapters in PDF format if possible)
  • an estimate for the number of pages in the book
  • an estimate of the timetable for indexing (tentative start and submission dates)

This information may be sent to Christine Hoskin at: