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Reading for pleasure after reading for work

When you read all day for work, what do you read for pleasure?  Obviously professionals in the publishing industry are book lovers.  Otherwise we’d get different jobs.  But when eight hours of your day (or thereabouts) is spent poring over books in various stages of development, do you have the ambition to read for pleasure […]

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Clarity is key

Clarity of goals between professionals and clients is key.  In my case, clarity between indexer and client is key.  Communication of the goals and constraints facing a client – whether it be targeting a particular audience, working within a certain index size constraint, capturing buzz words that are critical in a given industry, or style […]

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Professional Organization – Enough Bang for the Buck?

Many industries have professional organizations that represent the field and the interests of those employed in that area.  Indexing is no exception.  The American Society for Indexing (ASI) is the U.S.-based professional organization representing both indexers and the field of indexing as a profession. One of the questions that all professionals must answer for themselves […]

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