Reading for pleasure after reading for work

When you read all day for work, what do you read for pleasure?  Obviously professionals in the publishing industry are book lovers.  Otherwise we’d get different jobs.  But when eight hours of your day (or thereabouts) is spent poring over books in various stages of development, do you have the ambition to read for pleasure in your non-work hours?

Personally, I’m such a book addict that I cannot imagine not reading for pleasure.  That said, the type of material I read in my off-hours is vastly different than what I read for work.  Typically work (for me) tends to be business, social science, legal, history, health and psychology, and children’s books (plus whatever else comes my way to be indexed).

I gravitate strongly toward fiction in my personal reading, balancing the way my brain works all day with a bit more relaxing reading in the evenings.  I would be interested to know what types of reading other publishing professionals pursue in their off-hours.  Does what you read for work generate an interest in a field so that you read more about that topic in your free reading?  Or do you tend toward entirely the opposite of your daytime reading?

So many books; too little time.


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